Well-appointed holiday cottage. Lucky with the weather, a most enjoyable holiday with the family.

The Mead Family - 19th – 25th September 2015,


Lovely spacious property. Good space for the grand parents to be away from the rest of the noisy family. To make the master room even better a small sofa or easy chair would be a great additions. We have had the finest Easter ever and our girls even spent time on the beach in the sea – a first for Easter. Rain clouds gathering so time for home.

Justine, Paul, Sophie and Olivia - 11th April 2015 ,

A lovely property. Good location. Spacious rooms. Weather been very good for the time of the year. Our only disappointment was the parking we first arrived. Next door had 2 very large cars in the drive, partly over our part so I had to go in the car park. Luckily the next day they went out and I was able to get my space

Robert, Val, Jonathon, Amy and Isabelle Wilkes - 24th – 31st October 2015 ,


Lovely surprise on arrival, such lovely accommodation, in one word everything excellent, your brochure doesn’t do it justice.

Marcia and Terry Marsh - 5th to 12th June 2015,